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Under Review

Evaluation of an Interactive Anatomical Three-Dimensional Eye Model.  Allen L., Wilson, T.D.  Under Review British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET-0346 Sep-2015- OMS.R1), September 2015. (revisions submitted March’16)

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of 3D Vascular Stereoscopic Models in Anatomy Instruction for First Year Medical Student, Cui, D., Wilson, T.D., Rockhold, R.W., Lehman, M.N., Lynch, J.C.  Anatomical Sciences Education (accepted May 2016)

Different Perspectives: Spatial ability influcences where individiduals look on a timed spatial test.  Roach V.A., Frasier, G.M. Kryklywy, J., Mitchell, D. Wilson, T.D.  Submitted to Anatomical Sciences Education April 2016, ASE-16-0064

Evaluation of learning curves in novice laparoscopists incorporating direct visualization into simulation training program. Dawidek, M., Roach, V.A., Ott, M., Wilson, T.D.  Submitted to Journal of Surgical Education, May 2016.

Published or in E-Press ahead of Print

Learning and Assessment with Images: A view of Cognitive Load through the lens of cerebral blood flow.  Loftus, J., Jacobsen, M., Wilson, T.D. Under Review British Journal of Educational Technology, (BJET-0261-Jul-2015-OMS.R2), (revisions submitted March’16)

Stereoscopic Vascular Models of the Head and Neck: A Computed Tomography Angiography Visualization.  Dongmei Cui, James C. Lynch, Andrew D. Smith, Timothy D. Wilson, Michael N. Lehman, Anatomical Sciences Education,9:179–185 (2016)

The Eye of the Beholder: Can Patterns in Eye Movement Reveal Aptitudes for Spatial Reasoning?  Victoria A. Roach, Graham M. Fraser, James H. Kryklywy, Derek G.V. Mitchell, Timothy D. Wilson Anatomical Sciences Education, e-pub ahead of print 2015.

Role of Image and Cognitive Load in Anatomical Multimedia, Timothy D. Wilson PhD, In Teaching Anatomy, Springer-Verlag, 2015, pp 237-246

The Development of a Virtual 3D Model of the Renal Corpuscle From Serial Histological Sections for E-Learning Environments.  Jeremy A. Roth, Timothy D. Wilson, Martin Sandig, Anatomical Sciences Education 8:574–583 (2015)

Anatomy of the proximal tibiofibular joint and interosseous membrane and their contributions to joint kinematics in below knee amputations.  Burkhart, T.  Asa, B.  Payne, M., Johnson, M., Dunning,C., Wilson, T.D.  Journal of Anatomy. E-pub ahead of print

Head to Head: The role of academic competition in undergraduate anatomical  education.  Van Nuland, S., Roach, V.A., Wilson, T.D., Belliveau, D.  Anatomical Sciences Education, 2014, E-pub ahead of print.

Development of an interactive Anatomical Three-Dimensional Eye Model  Allen, L.K., Bhattacharyya, S., Wilson, T.D.  Anatomical Sciences Education 2014, E-pub ahead of print.

Arrangement of sympathetic fibres within the human common peroneal nerve: Implications for microneurography

Journal of Applied Physiology, 115(10) 1553-61, 2013

Tompkins, P.R., Melling, J. Wilson, T.D., Bates, B.D., Shoemaker, J.K.

Spatial Visualization Ability on Laparoscopic Skill Completion: Evaluating Stereo and Monocular Visualization Scenarios

Anatomical Sciences Education (accepted 09/2013)

Roach V.A., Mistry M., Wilson, T.D.

Visuospatial Anatomy Comprehension: The Role of Spatial Visualization Ability and Problem Solving Strategies

Anatomical Sciences Education (accepte d 09/2013)

Nguyen, N., Mulla, A., Nelson, A., Wilson, T.D.

Three-Dimensional Measurement Approach for the Morphology of the Proximal Femur

Journal of Anatomy, (Accepted with revision 06/2013)

Martin, C.M., Turgeon, J., Rice, C.L., Goela, A., Wilson, T.D.

Application of Stereoscopic Visualization on Surgical Skill Acquisition in Novices

Journal of Surgical Education, 70(5) 563–570, 2013

Mistry, M., Roach, V.A., Wilson, T.D.

Comparison of 3D reconstructive technologies used for morphometric research and the translation of knowledge using a decision matrix

Anatomical Sciences Education, doi: 10.1002/ase.1367  - 2013

Martin, C.M., Roach, V.A., Nguyen, N., Rice, C.L., Wilson, T.D.

Determining Position of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve via Anatomical Dissection and Micro–Computed Tomography in Preparation for Dental Implants

Journal of the Canadian Dental Association 79:d39, 2013

Massey, N.D., Galil, K.A., Wilson, T.D.

An interactive program to conceptualize the anatomy of the internal brainstem in 3D.

Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 2013, 174: pp

Pedersen, K., Wilson, T.D., de Ribaupierre, S.

Prospective Evaluation of a Web-Based 3-Dimensional Cranial Nerve Simulation

    Journal of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 41(6), 2012

    Jeffery Yeung, Kevin Fung, Timothy D. Wilson

- JY was a medical student at the time of this publication and this is the second   manuscript from his SROP (Summer Research Opportunities) placement he held with KF & TDW in the CRIPT Lab

The Quest for Effective Interdisciplinary Graduate Supervision

    Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 04/2012

    Kathy Hibbert, Lorelei Lingard, Merideth Vanstone, Anne E. Kinsella, Pamela McKenzie, Alan Pitman, Timothy D. Wilson

Construction of a 3D anatomical model for teaching temporal lobectomy

    Computers in Biology and Medicine 42(6):692-6. 2012

    Sandrine deRibaupierre and Timothy D. Wilson

  1. -this manuscript is the commencement of a collaboration and a proof of principle for an ongoing collaboration with the authors.  Eventually they hope to integrate the neuroanatomy model into the curriculum at Western University and describe the process for other curricular developers as a model

Teaching Neuroanatomy using a 3D VR Model   

   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 173:85-91, 2012

    Danielle Brewer, Timothy D. Wilson, Roy Eagleson, Sandrine deRibaupierre.

  1. -DB was an undergraduate student undertaking her 4th year Kinesiology project with TDW & SdR.  DB is now a graduate student in Kinesiology.

Influence fo vestibular afferent input on common modulation of human soleus motor units during standing.

Motor Control 16(4): 466-79, 2012

Monsour, M., Ivanova, T.D., Wilson, T.D., Garland, S.J.


Is 3D the Cutting Edge of Surgical Skill Acquisition?

    Anatomical Sciences Education, 5(3), 138-45, 2012.

    Victoria A. Roach, Michael G. Brandt, Corey C. Moore, Timothy D. Wilson.

  1. -VR was a MSc student at the time of this project, she is now a PhD student with TDW and investigating the motor and eye behaviours of learners in simulation environments.

Computer Visualizations- Factors That Influence Spatial Anatomy Comprehension 

    Anatomical Sciences Education 5(6):98-108, 2012.

    Ngan Nguyen, Andrew Nelson, Timothy D. Wilson.

  1. -NN’s first doctoral paper in the CRIPT lab and she has set the stage for a variety of experiments that will involve spatial abilities and anatomical comprehension

Virtual Cerebral Ventricular System: An MR-Based Three-Dimensional Computer Model

    Anatomical Sciences Education 4(6):340-347, 2011.

    Christina M. Adams, Timothy D. Wilson

Exploring the Changing Learning Environment of the Gross Anatomy Lab

Academic Medicine  86(7):883-888, 2011.   

Hopkins R, Regehr G, Wilson TD.


Computer Assisted Cranial Nerve Simulation

Anatomical Sciences Education  4:92–97, 2011.

Jeffrey C Yeung, Kevin Fung, Timothy D. Wilson.                          

Introduction of Novel Teaching Paradigm for Head and Neck Anatomy

Journal of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery 39(04):349-355, 2010.   

Kuan-chin Jean Chen, Jordan T. Glicksman, Peter Haase , Marjorie Johnson, Tim Wilson, Kevin Fung

Voicing a New Direction

Archives of Otolaryngoly Head Neck Surgury, 135(7):677-681, 2009.

Amanda Hu, Tim Wilson, Hanif Ladak, Peter Haase, Philip Doyle, Kevin Fung.

Evaluation of 3D Educational Model of Larynx

Journal of Otolarynology-Head & Neck Surgery 3:315-322, 2010.

Amanda Hu, Tim Wilson, Hanif Ladak, Peter Haase, Philip Doyle, Kevin Fung.


Virtual Pelvis

Anatomical Sciences Education 3:127-133 (2010)   

Aimee Sergovich, Marjorie Johnson, Timothy Wilson.

A Head in Virtual Anatomy

Anatomical Sciences Education  2:294–301 (2009)

Ngan Nguyen, Timothy Wilson.

Tales from the CRIPT

    Teaching Support Centre Reflections Spring. 11 (2009) 

Timothy Wilson.

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